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A simple "bluette" on our process!


Phenotype and chemo type (Chemotype) in Process K-Nel

Depending on the biotope (sunshine, climate, soil composition, altitude, etc.), the same plant can secrete very different biochemically. (Essential oils) These variations in the biochemical composition of essential oils give rise to the notion of chemotype (CT).

Two chemotypes of the same essential oil will present not only different activities, but also very variable toxicities.

Génotype (G) + Biotope (E) + Interactions Génotype et Biotope (GE) = Phénotype è chémotype (P)

Apart from the K-Nel process, this variation can be done only in one beach of environment known and common, which will generate chémotypes far from different to date.

The innovating development of our hydroponic process, lasting more than 30 years, in practically all the biotopes existing on our planet, enabled us to create a database relating to the evolution and the behavior of the productions carried out with all the categories of plants.

Study of this database, we discovered the first three universal laws, concerning the interaction of the Genotype and the Biotope.

We conceived a process allowing to implement these four laws in order to reactivate part of the interactions of the original Biotopes which existed with the appearance of the living beings, giving to the plant the possibility of improving its development, of developing a better resistance to the diseases and of improving its chemical elements.

The increase in the beach of action of the Biotope is generated by the K-Nel Process which understands the use of four tools intrinsically and sequentially dependent:

·  The integration of a natural and universal catalyst,

·  The use of a specific ionic medium,

·  Use of a particular technical environment,

·  The management of this biotope by a single process which can be managed by a IA.

The K-Nel Process allows inter alia:

·  To free itself from the phenomenon soil,

·  To reactivate part of the interactions of the original Biotopes which existed with the appearance of the living beings,

·  Not to modify the genotype,

·  Not to affect neither nor impact of some nature that it either the man and the environment.

          Anielle & jean-Pierre GOERTZ

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Dernière mise a jour :

Our research has focused on the environment and production techniques, some of which are protected.

We discovered that the environment was a universal continuity leaving within each living being a trace of its evolution inversely proportional to time.

With the use of extracts of natural elements and specific techniques, including our hydro-frequency technique, we were able to reactivate this memory in order to obtain without any impact on the plant, man and the environment:

  • Better, quantitative and qualitative returns,
  • Better phytosanitary resistance
  • To allow a significant concentration of active ingredients: essential oils and other chémotype compounds, which improves the taste among other things.

« The plant is a living being and we must treat it as a partner and not as a slave!

It is in this spirit that we have sought and found solutions so that "Agriculture" and "Futur" become synonymous with hope for all ! » 

(Anielle et Jean-Pierre GOERTZ)